Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

The Health & Wellbeing in Planning Network aims to support practitioners working in the area of promoting health through planning and the built environment, whether you are a planner, health professional, architect, developer, academic, engineer in any sector.

This Network is founded by Michael Chang, Rachel Flowers and Gemma McKinnon. It is very much a Network by everyone for everyone.

It aims to build on, not duplicate, the many networks out there by allowing a central point of call for information exchanges and informal peer support on issues you face.

If you wish to join as an active Member, please go to the Requests, join as Member and Contact Us area to submit your details.

If you have a request for advice, information or support, please go to the Requests, join as Member and Contact Us area to submit your details.

If you are just browsing through, then welcome and hope you find what you need by accessing various information and updates.

Network Functions 

  • Members acting as ‘Peers’ to help signpost requests for support and expertise.
  • Networking opportunities for people with similar roles and expertise.
  • Provide a platform for sharing, testing ideas and approaches.

Network support

  • Strategic information and signposting.
  • Comments on planning policy.
  • Comments on approach to health-proofing development proposals.
  • Individual and organisational capacity building.

Supporting the Network

We appreciate the following organisations helping to disseminate and promote the Network: